‘For McLaren it’s about efficiency through the air’ says Robert Melville, Chief designer at supercar brand McLaren.. The all-new McLaren Sports Series brings McLaren race-derived technologies and supercar driving exhilaration to the sports car market. The company which unveiled the McLaren 570S, the first model in the new McLaren Sports Series at the New York Auto show, completes the McLaren three tier model range, priced from £126,000

McLaren’s journey from the year 1993 when it came out with the first road car to today, when it has several variations of it and now the sports series, has been remarkable. The obsession with detail and perfection, the focused approach, the cutting-edge technology and the F1 lineage have all contributed towards constructing the brand.

Drawing on a rich legacy of racing technology and engineering perfection, McLaren remains unbeaten in its quest for excellence. In every car it produces, the brand incorporates its race-bred technology, one of the reasons for it being a favourite with automobile aficionados.

The basic design philosophy of a McLaren is that everything is there for a reason which started with Bruce McLaren himself. All design and engineering decisions are backed by this philosophy. Every curve and component is considered in detail. Each design element is built to add to the exhilaration one feels while driving the dream machine.

The design process of a McLaren is what sets it apart and is a mix of 50 years of racing heritage and formula 1 technology. Most of the inspiration for the McLaren cars still comes from the formula 1 races.

The latest addition to the McLaren range completes the three tier model strategy alongside the Super Series and Ultimate Series. The Sports Series is the most usable and attainable model to wear a McLaren badge to date, but it retains the core design and dynamic focus, ensuring it is still worth carrying the iconic brand name.

The Sports Series is almost 150kg lighter than its closest rival. As the highest powered and lightest car in the sports car segment, with a class-leading power-to-weight ratio of 434PS per tonne, this series has set a new benchmark.

Launching with two power outputs, the Sports Series offers class-leading performance, lightweight construction including a carbon fibre chassis, recognisable McLaren design values and a comprehensive specification list. The interior is more tailored around a day-to-day usability, with optimised access, greater levels of stowage space and added refinement. The Sports Series introduces the McLaren design language to the sports car segment for the first time, with tense, ‘shrinkwrapped’, body lines giving it an edge over competition.

McLaren 570S Ventura Orange
McLaren 570S Ventura Orange

The two colours unveiled at the Auto show were the Ventura Orange and the Blade Silver. The Ventura Orange model showed a more track-focus, with extensive exterior carbon fibre upgrades, optional stealth-finished five-spoke lightweight wheel option and two-tone sports interior, while the Blade Silver model debuted a more luxurious specification with saddle tan interior and the 10-spoke super lightweight wheels.

The Sports series is aimed at a different audience, competing in the sports car as opposed to the supercar market for the first time. Performance, driving engagement and exhilaration have again made it to the top of the priority list. The dramatic and beautiful sports car can be customised to a great extent, making the new McLaren truly groundbreaking and innovative. It is built to perfectly trace the driver’s intentions. It can sail over busted roads with inimitable smoothness. With fluidity in its movement and an alert steering, it is best experienced over winding roads.

The McLaren’s personalisation capabilities take the pleasure of ownership to another level altogether. The McLaren owner can benefit from the unique personalisation programmes of the vehicle. Technicians of a McLaren are known to travel around the world to offer their services and bespoke upgrades are common.The motivation to be the one of the best in automobile technology, which caters to refined sensibilities and tastes, remains.