Mercedes-Benz has long been known for producing the finest and most competitive luxury cars. This time, the brand takes exclusivity and creativity beyond the boundaries of land. With the recently launched Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet and the motor yacht – Arrow460-Granturismo, designed by Mercedes-Benz Style, in addition to the previously launched EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style by Airbus Helicopters, the Mercedes star seems to carve a niche for itself through all modes of transportation. We take a closer look at how the marque leaves its mark by introducing comfort luxury mobility on land, water and air.


16C343_175The sixth variant in the current S-Class family of Mercedes-Benz, the Cabriolet adds another jewel to the crown of Mercedes-Benz. Offering distinct and sensual designs, the Cabriolet is also the first open-top luxury four-seater from Mercedes-Benz since 1971.

Taking a closer look at the Cabriolet, the clear designs and luscious interiors are mesmerizing at first glance. The most striking aspect of the Cabriolet is the soft top giving the car the feel of a yacht, which can either be opened using the switch in the center console or with the electronic key. To enable the broadest scope for individualization, there is a choice of leather handcrafted in character. The materials ooze a sense of comfort and magnanimity, revealing the exclusive and sharp tastes of the makers and the buyers.

In terms of the aerodynamics, like its sister model – S-Class Coupé, this automobile has the quietest interior of all. While experiencing fast wind blows, the Cabriolet’s AIRCAP automatic wind protection system reduces the turbulence caused by at the touch of a button. Another interesting aspect of the automotive is the Climate Control System, which is fully automatic. Additionally, for those who love driving in low outside temperatures, the AIRSCARF neck-level heating system comes as a blessing as it circulates warm air around the head and the neck areas of the occupants.

Considering safety as key component throughout their designing process, the automobile is fitted with an Intelligent Drive system, which includes a Pre-Safe brake with pedestrian detection, similar to the S-Class Saloon and the Coupé. Also, preventing the probabilities of collision, the Collision Preventing Assist Plus enables the car to automatically brake up to a speed limit of 100km/h. This also helps in reducing the severity of collisions with slower or stopping vehicles


16C343_224Extending its arm into the marine world, Mercedes-Benz Style designs the luxury motor yacht ‘Arrow460-Granturismo’, allowing their discerning clients to now sail in luxury as well. The first example of this new yacht model is named ‘Mercedes’, which remains true to the tradition of the name, as it embodies a completely new boat concept. Creating a crossover between an open boat and a cabin cruiser, the yacht undoubtedly marks a new era in marine transportation. Interestingly, the yacht features classic automobile proportions that bring the hallmark Mercedes design philosophy of sensual purity onto the water in a highly emotional and dynamic form.

The luxury motor yacht, 14-metrelong and 706kw (960 hp), can accommodate up to 10 people at a time. With retractable side windows and a windscreen that can be raised when desired, passengers can comfortably sit in the interiors while enjoying an all-round view and the feeling of sitting in the open. The tables and beds are also extendable, and thus available when required. In addition to these, the yacht also includes a fully equipped spacious bathroom unit and a separate dressing room. Further featuring a superior air conditioning system, a high-quality audio system, a wine cellar and an ice-making machine, the luxuriously furnished yacht includes every feature one might have envisaged.

From a design perspective, clear contours and smooth surfaces are visible. Accentuating the sensual purity of the design, the elegance and muscular hull adds dynamism to the mode. The overall composition is accentuated by elegantly styled yet functional details. Great attention has been paid to the handrails, for example, which are perfectly integrated into the roofline.


16C343_136The third star on this three-star innovation constellation is the luxury helicopter “H145 Mercedes-Benz Style” by Airbus Helicopters. The helicopter was originally launched in 2011, marking the first mobility product launched by the brand beyond automobiles. Exuding a sense of sophistication and grace, the interiors excel with exceptional variability and exquisite materials. Created specifically by the Mercedes designers, the seats are mounted on rails and can be positioned in various arrangements for four to eight people, or if desired, completely removed. The helicopter is tailor-made for those who like to travel in sheer luxury, for both business and private tours. Ten such helicopters have, till date, been purchased and delivered to their valued clients.

Currently, the Mercedes-Benz Style team is closely working with Lufthansa engineers to create a completely new and grand cabin concept for short and medium-range aircrafts. The classic division between the ceiling, walls and floor is blurred by a dynamic, spiraling division of space, giving rise to new, independent spatial zones without the typical arrangements of wall elements and seats. Further emphasizing the sense of space is the Mercedes’s typically strong emphasis on contrast in terms of material, color and lighting.