Culture, creature comforts and new heights of luxury meet on the hidden gem of Eden Island, deep in the heart of Seychelles, which you can now enjoy endlessly by owning a part of it.

Page 1The tropical, dreamlike setting of the Seychelles may play a starring role on the bucket lists of newlyweds, adrenaline junkies and the international jet set alike, but it’s time to meet its more mysterious and eclectic protégé – Eden Island. On offer at this uber-luxe residential marina development is a selection of spectacular homes complemented by four private beaches and dedicated yacht facilities as well as a gym, clubhouse, supermarket, hotel and tennis courts, all within close proximity to the neighbouring gems of this unique archipelago. With close to 570picturesque abodes and a few still out in the market, these exclusive properties are well-appointed and flawlessly maintained, making them invaluable assets for real estate investors and an excellent option for holidaymakers seeking a taste of the high life.

It may not be well known, but there are still some corners of the majestic Indian Ocean untouched by the jet set, where the vibe is laidback and the culture remains authentic and unspoilt. Eden Island is located just 200 metres from the island of Mahé, and a perfect amalgamation of modern-day creature comforts intermixed with the rich heritage of the Seychelles. It was built on a reclaimed island on a coral reef that was completely destroyed by El niño effect in 1998; consequently, the explicit environmental impact of this ambitious project is immeasurable.

With its majestic seascapes and temperate weather, few places evoke the mythic legacy of the Indian Ocean as this island nation. Here, tangles of bougainvillaea cascade over immaculate white sand and cliffs rear up over indigo waves as gracefully as the harmony with which a vibrant array of diverse cultures coexists. It also caters to discerning thrill-seekers in search of exhilarating diving and sailing opportunities. Situated only five minutes away from Mahé international airport, the nearby islands can easily be reached within a few minutes by plane or ferry. Scenic islands like Praslin and La Digue, which are just a ferry ride away, make for idyllic weekend retreats. A distinctive aspect of the properties on Eden Island is that they can be fully furnished to accommodate the owner’s taste and preferences – making it an ideal investment for globetrotters. They each come replete with a private jetty, many of which are located directly in front of the houses offering ease of travel and luxurious comfort. Another unique advantage is that even superyacht owners can find embankment space for their vessels in the marina that is situated on the island.

With an average compounded growth in prices of over eight percent per annum and the possibility to rent out your property through the rental pool management, Eden Island proves to be one of the ultimate investment opportunities for affluent tourists.

Sep aerial.jpgnewThe idyllic island claims a top spot amongst demanding holidaymakers due to its first-rate urban infrastructure that is explicitly designed to provide space, while maintaining privacy for all of its residents. From super-sleek waterfront apartments to double-storey maisons and plush villas, the sense of luxury and well being here is unmatched – the glorious ocean view is just the proverbial cherry on top. The most notable elements of the picturesque island homes are the natural wood features, the deep shuttered verandas, the pitch of the rust red corrugated iron roofs, and the pastel-hued walls. – elements of which can be customised as per the resident’s individual taste and preference. These elements are founded upon the French, Arabic and African heritage of the Seychelles, conveying a sense of history and deep rooted traditions in the trade winds of the Indian Ocean.

Talking about the luxury facilities and innovative interior design, celebrated Interior Design architect Evon Smuts, Operations Director of Source Interior Brand Architects, says: “The interior architecture imbibes a sense of tradition and offers a relaxed tropical lifestyle. Spaces are generously defined by framed views, abundant natural light, and easy flow onto the shaded verandas.” Keeping the gentle sea breeze in mind, kitchens are open with full-width sliding doors. While air conditioning is in place, high ceilings and fans offer a more natural way of enjoying the tropics. Four different colour schemes for fabrics and artwork are offered – Forest, Aqua, Driftwood and Sunset – while furnishings are available in the traditional plantation style. Source Interior Brand Architects has used three unique mood board palettes using stone textures to suit a specific design aesthetic. Smuts elaborates by adding: “Each palette is based on the natural beauty of the island – Sand and Pearl are based on the white sands of the Seychelles, Shell and Coral are devoted to the warm hues of the shells and the sunset, while the handsome Rock and Granite palettes are a tribute to the granite cliffs of Mahé.” The Seychelles’ customary design artistry is integrated into the island’s design concept through traditional verandas, trelliswork, natural wood, internal washstands, louvered wardrobes and natural stone kitchen tops.

The Seychelles may have gained fame as a tropical idyll for the rich and famous. However, we celebrate the simpler side of Eden Island, where nature and luxury – equally – reign supreme.